Props are objects that performers spin spin and manipulate around them to create different affects and patterns, either with fire or LED. There are many different kinds of props so it is good to keep in mind when requesting a performance so you know what kind you want to choose, whether you want one or multiple types of props and which kinds you want. Below is a list of the props Fire Amusement has to offer performances with. 

Fire Amusement Props

Dragon Staff
Fire Whip
Fire Staff
Double Staffs

Poi are a prop that come in a pair, a single poi is a weighted ball or wick that is on rope or chain. The user holds the opposite end of the rope and uses the weight of the ball to swing the prop and create momentum. The poi are then spun around the person and each other to create different moves. Poi is one of the earliest props.

Double staff are two shorter staves that the performer uses more similarly to poi patterns then actually staffs. Like most two handed props they mirror one another in either split or same time to create unique patterns and moves. 

Fire whips are whips where the entire length is flammable except for the handle and sometimes the cracker. Used exactly like a normal whip they hold a massive amount of flame to be spun and whipped around a performer. 

Dragon staffs are staffs with added spines to the end, allowing additional wicks  and creating a different kind of weight to the staff. This unique weight allows the staff to be rolled and creates a unique set of moves. Dragon staffs are a newer prop that is gaining popularity. Smaller versions of dragon staffs are called pixie staffs. 

Staffs are similar to martial arts staffs with added wicks to the end. The way they are spun also is similar to in martial arts without the striking, being rotated and spun around the body. Some staffs are weighted carefully and are called contact staffs, which allows the ability to roll the staff over your body instead of grasping it carefully.