Fire Amusement offers an array of different styles of performances to suit individual events and venues needs. Because of this it is extremely difficult to give one clear cut price or quote. In this section we will attempt to break down pricing and our discounts so you can better understand what to expect as well as know what information is necessary to provide us when asking for a specific quote for your event. 

Price Factors

  • Number of Audience: Bigger Audiences are more difficult to cater too due to staging of the performance while smaller performances allow the performer to be more personable. 
  • Length of total performance: Longer performances get increasingly difficult to keep varied and tire out our performer. 
  • Continual or staggered performance style: Performance style can greatly affect the length to make it easier or more difficult. 
  • Number of props: More props increase the difficulty for the performer and stage help.
  • Type of Props: Props can vary the difficulty of the performance as well as the amount of fuel needed.
  • Breathing or Fire Eating: These performance types are both more difficult as well as dangerous. 


  • Birthdays: Fire Amusement likes to celebrate birthdays and help make them special for individuals of all ages. Because of this we have a reduced price range for birthday parties to make it more affordable for individuals to have a birthday they will always remember. 
  • Fundraisers: Due to the nature of fundraisers we understand the battle between needing to spend money to raise money and Fire Amusement would like to help make that easier. Reach out to us about your fundraiser to receive our reduced pricing.
  • Charity: If you are a charity reach out to us to see if we would like to donate a performance to your cause!
  • Frequent Fires: If you wish to hire us for multiple continual events we can create a rate for the continual events. Also you can wait to pay for the first show until after to ensure we meet expectations.

Sliding Scale

If you are worried about being able to afford a performance but are interested we highly recommend still reaching out to us. Once we know your budget we can help you work with our price factors to figure out how we can give you the best performance possible within your budget.​ Fire Amusement's goal is to spend the love and enjoyment of fire and we will do whatever possible to help make that happen.