The Performer

Luke Hanna of Fire Amusement

Luke Hanna is an Egyptian-American Fire Performer who is currently based in Stowe Vermont. He has been learning fire arts since 2014. In May of 2017 he performed at the WildFire Retreat with poi. He is most proficient with spinning poi but also uses a fire whip, contact staff, dragon staff, double staff, can breath fire and does fire eating. He is primarily self taught from videos before beginning to branch out and attend fire festivals where he was able to learn in person. He continues to explore the art and practice regularly to improve. 


After meeting Luke in 2016 and attending four wildfires with him Kaye Pearson joined as his apprentice spinner learning from him and aiding with Fire Amusement. Kaye is originally from Stowe Vermont where Fire Amusement is currently based. She is nineteen and has been learning to spin for two years now. During performances Kaye serves as Luke's safety and stage hand while during the day to day she helps manage his website, assists with networking and advises him. 

Kaye Pearson of Fire Amusement