Here are some frequently asked questions with answers. If you do not find an answer here or require further information message Fire Amusement in the contact section.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you perform indoors?

Yes! In large areas, such as auditoriums or gyms, yes. We also provide indoor LED performances.

Is it safe, is my business/guests safe?

Absolutely, we exercise the utmost caution in our performances. We are professionally taught and always have someone serving as a safety on hand. We are also insured in case anything does ever happen.

What's required of the venue?

A open outdoors area, or a large, ventilated area indoors. That's it!

What exactly does a performance entail?

What makes up a performance can depend. You can have several short performances or one long one, with one or multiple props and performance types. When you use the contact section make sure to include what type of venue/event you want the performance for to find out what type suits your needs best.

How far can you travel?

mThe members of Fire Amusement also have other jobs so the distance they can travel depends on warning and availability. After that the only issue with travel is that it will increase the cost of the performance.

How long have you been doing this?

Luke has been spinning since 2014, Kaye since 2016, and together as Fire Amusement since 2017.

How did you get interested in this?

Luke discovered fire spinning and flow due to his fascination with fire and searching for a way to manipulate fire. After finding fire spinning he grew to love it and practiced daily. After seeing what he was capable of Kaye was eager to learn as well and join Luke in creating Fire Amusement.