Luke Hanna eating fire

Fire Breathing is when a performer aspirates fuel from their mouth and light it on fire creating a large 'breath' of fire moving away from their mouth. It requires a different kind of fuel then fire spinning and fire eating. It is extremely dangerous with many health risks. It requires special training and practice to correctly breath fire. 

Fire eating is when a performer uses a torch and their mouth to extinguish the flame and perform interesting tricks. Usually done along side fleshing; fire eating incorporates many different kinds of torch tricks, vapor tricks and transfers to show a more hands on way to play with fire. 

Fleshing is when a performer directly applies fire to their body; typically their arms or legs. It can be done over natural fiber clothes or directly on skin. The performer can quickly run the flame along their body or another person's. This trick can also be partnered with transfers to use one lit torch to light another torch. Fleshing is usually performed with fire eating. 

Fire spinning is when a performer uses a prop to spin around their body while on fire. This can be like poi which you see in the picture or can be many different other kinds of objects. These can be used in many different ways depending on the prop with a wide variety of moves. These often can be a performance all in their own, while also able to be combined with other performances.

Spinning LED Props is when you use a prop that give off light to easily be seen in the dark. These can be used in all the same ways as fire props, but have the advantage of being able to be used for indoor venues.

 Performance Types

Luke Hanna breathing fire